Call for Proposals: IPHS 2018 Yokohama(第18回国際都市計画史学会大会)

都市計画遺産研究会が中心となって準備を行い、来年の7月に横浜市開港記念会館を主会場に開催を予定している「第18回国際都市計画史学会大会(IPHS 2018 Yokohama)」の”Call for Proposals”の詳細を公開しました。
Call for Proposals
The IPHS 2018 welcomes papers and presentations that contribute to the discussion about “Looking at the world history of planning”, which is the conference theme. Proposals will preferably address one or more of the following sub-themes:
Cities, Modernity and City Planning in East Asia
Informal and Formal Urbanization Development
Diverse Planning Culture and its Commonalities
Harbour Cities and their Planning Histories
The Contribution of International City Exchanges and City Planning History
City Planning Legacy and a Sustainable Future
Concept and Methodology of Global/World Planning History
Pluralistic Urbanism and Urban Multicultural Planning
Be that as it may, proposals on other topics relevant to the modern history of urban, regional and environmental planning are welcome as well. In addition, the IPHS 2018 encourages papers with a comparative and cross-disciplinary approach by historians, academic and practicing planners, geographers, environmentalists, preservationists, public policy makers, and graduate students.
Categories of Proposal
The 18th IPHS 2018 Yokohama conference has a great range of proposals in three categories; Abstract, Panel, and Round Table.
The Abstract is an outline of your research. The authors who pass the peer-review for abstracts can then proceed to the peer-review track for full papers (optional).
The Panel is an organized session with a specific theme and includes related three to four presentations of abstracts.
The Round table is a session with neither formal presentations nor abstracts.
All proposals are due by the 11th December, 2017 via online submission system. (will be opened in early November) The results will be notified to the authors in early February, 2018. (See the important dates)
Abstracts of research papers are required for all candidates who want to give their presentations. All proposal abstracts will be peer-reviewed by the academic committee. And the authors who want to publish their full papers in the conference proceedings have to go through a peer-reviewed process of full papers. The publication of abstracts and full papers are available only for the authors with conference registration.
Abstracts should be written in no more than 500 words exclusive of references. Links between the paper and the conference theme should be indicated with keywords if possible.
Also a short biographical statement (about 200 words) or a short resume needs to be submitted with the abstract, including full contact information (affiliation, address, email, and phone).
Abstracts (and full papers) should be written in English and submitted as a Microsoft Word document that allows editing.
Panel is an organized session with a specific theme which includes three to four relevant presentations. Proposals for whole panels are encouraged and given preference in the program.
Colleagues who want to organize a panel have to submit a brief abstract on the theme of the session (about 200 words) with three to four abstracts of research papers. The proposal panels are refereed by the academic committee. The included abstracts should comply with the format of the proposal abstracts. A short biographical statement (about 200 words) or a short resume of each presenter needs to be submitted with the abstract, including full contact information (affiliation, address, email, and phone). Panels can be held only in English.
The panel organizers should find three to four presenters before the submission. If you have difficulty with finding enough presenters, please contact us via IPHS 2018 website or Facebook, well in advance of the deadline. The organizing committee may arrange additional presenter(s) when the panel organizer cannot find enough number of presenter(s).
3.Round Tables
Round table is a session with neither a formal presentation nor an abstract. The organizing committee welcomes proposals for round tables. Colleagues who want to provide a round table are required to submit an outline of the session (about 200 words) including information on the topic and participants. The proposals will be refereed by the academic committee.
The proposals of round tables should be directly submitted on EasyChair system (will be opened in November).
Submission procedure
Please submit your proposals through EasyChair system (will be available in early November). You first need to register to create an account and login to EasyChair, and then you can submit your proposal.
Important Dates:
11th September Detail of Call for Papers and Panel Sessions Released
10th November – 11th December Proposals for Abstracts, Panels, and Round Tables
January Conference Registration will be opened
31st January Decision on Abstracts, Panels, and Round Tables
31st March Deadline of Full Paper Submission for Peer-review
7th May Review Comments for Full Papers will be notified
1st June Deadline of Final Full Paper for Publication
15th – 19th July IPHS 2018 Yokohama Conference


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